Colour sediments stage
This is the work of Provino's maturity, the stage of colour and signs.
Work's itinerary is alchemic: he prepares his canvas with an impression of colours which were first laid on other supports. Then once the surface is dry he does the same with a new coloured support or supports, afterwards Provino traces the signs, trasformed with oil pastels.
The materials are manipulated with the hands which gives a peculiar nervous sensitivity to the web of signs. The missing signs are used again in a positive and negative dialectic.
"Colours plus colours itself, matter over matter, the way to create lights and shadows, the attraction of gestural painting is undoubtelly strong for Provino,but he manages to keep under control all the time, by means of long and complex procedure.
Above all two concepts are pleasing to Provino's work: germination and metamorphosis."
  Non-Euclidean geometry stage
Provino bases this stage on scientific theory of Lobacevskij. Provino research runs along these lines, yearning for the tridimensionality of all things.
Provino find a new possibilities in Lobacevskij theories: " Surfaces, lines, dots as Geometry defines them, only exist in our imagination; while we work out the measures of surfaces and lines using bodies".
A paradox is implicit because of the way Provino exploits this theory, evidenceb by Roberto Lucio Radice "it's impossible to paint non Euclidean geometry on bidimensional surfaces but since painting is a figment of the imagination…"
Geometry thus becomes spherical, several postulates vanish, there are new ways: shapes seem to levitate, like a power pulling them in a sort of balance dynamic and static as well.
  Figurative stage
Provino expresses a suffered sense of human being, person sculptured in their poor and miserable existence. The contorted forms reflecting distress and moods of restlessness, deep anxiety lived as anthropological and social factors.
"Provino's main reference is Francis Bacon heredity, his influence is quite evident on a formal plane but also overturned in a positive reality.
During this phase Provino also changes his palette, using quieter tones."
During this period Salvatore Provino is politically oriented against human alienation due to the industrialization process and development, which was exploiting working class.